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Woman Suffers Burns After House Fire In Methuen

METHUEN (CBS) – A woman suffered burns after a house fire in Methuen Wednesday night.

Firefighters say the flames moved quickly through the walls because the home is old and there has been many structural changes over the years.

The 911 call came in around 8:30 p.m. but firefighters had it pretty well controlled within about 45 minutes.

The house is at the corner of High and Broadway -- just up the street from the fire department's Central Station. Because of that proximity, firefighters were at the home within two minutes, and had water on the house in three.

Everyone who lives there made it out safely on their own, but one woman suffered painful injuries.

"We were met with a couple people, one woman with some burns, that escaped the fire," said Methuen Fire Chief Tim Sheehy. "She was outside leaning on the garage. She had burns to her hands and we're not sure if it went down her airway. She had some minor burns around her face."

She was rushed to the hospital to be treated for those burns and possibly smoke inhalation. The other people who lived inside the house hugged each other and cried as they watched the fire rip through their home and everything they own.

The chief says it's still too early to tell how it started.


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