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Women Caught On Camera Trying To Steal Chatham Shark Art

CHATHAM (CBS) - Surveillance video at a park in downtown Chatham shows three women attempting to take off with handcrafted shark art from an annual display.

"It was a little disappointing," said artist Jerry Evans.

Cameras set up in the park captured the women around 1:00 a.m. last Wednesday picking up one of the sharks then running around with it before going off screen.

Chatham Sharks
Surveillance image captures women trying to steal shark art in Chatham (WBZ-TV)

"They came back and were trying to pick out a second shark. Then they noticed the signs and at that point they decided maybe it would be a good idea to return the shark, so they did return the shark," said Evans.

Jerry Evans helped put in the six-camera security system after repeat issues over the last few years.

"Last year we did have a shark taken that didn't come back and so we did more research this year into a better camera system," said Evans.

The 57 "Shark in the Park" pieces are painted by local artists and bring in about $50,000 for the town's merchant association once they're auctioned off. That money then goes back into the community.

Chatham sharks
Surveillance image captures women trying to steal shark art in Chatham (WBZ-TV)

"People come to Chatham hoping to see sharks and they get to see these sharks," said Janice Rogers of the Chatham Merchants Association.

Evans, who is also an artist and spent weeks crafting his own shark, hopes this is a lesson for anyone thinking about swiping one.

"I want people to come down enjoy the sharks in the park, but leave them in the park," said Evans.

Chatham Police are investigating the incident.


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