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Woman Charged With Prostitution In Tewksbury Library

TEWKSBURY (CBS) – A 20-year-old woman has been charged with prostitution at the Tewksbury Public Library.

Police say they got a tip Tuesday that someone was soliciting sex in the library, so they sent in an undercover officer.

The plain clothes detective claimed Brittany Macintyre of Nashua, New Hampshire approached him immediately and handed him a pen and a piece of paper.

The two passed notes back and forth until she allegedly asked for $60 in exchange for a sex act.

"I didn't think Tewksbury was that big on prostitution," one library patron told WBZ-TV. "I'm quite shocked because a lot of kids come here and I'm a teacher, so it's pretty scary."

Macintyre was arrested and charged with sexual conduct for a fee.

She was also booked on an outstanding warrant for drug possession out of Lawrence District Court.

"It was a little scandalized," said Pamela Gardner, who is a librarian over in Wilimington, but agrees the location is unexpected. "That's a little upsetting, in the library!"

News of the arrest stunned residents.

"There's nothing I know about this library or about Tewksbury that could ever suggest that that could possibly happen here," one woman told WBZ-TV.

"That's something that you don't normally see every single day, especially around here in Tewksbury," said another man.


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