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Woburn Woman Turns 102 With Birthday Parade Of Love

WOBURN (CBS) -- Thursday brought a parade of love for a Woburn woman turning 102, as family and friends wished her happy birthday from afar. Agnes Carson has reached a huge milestone, and while making sure to keep their distance, people turned out to help her celebrate.

With shouts of "Happy Birthday, Agnes," a long line of cars paraded by New Horizons in Woburn to celebrate and honor her life.

"She's very inquisitive. She wants to know about everybody, what they're doing, how they're doing. She remembers everybody's name, all the grandchildren, great grandchildren," said Carson's niece Anne Santry.

Agnes Carson (WBZ-TV)

A lifelong Woburn resident, Carson was a trailblazer, going to college at a time when not a lot of women did that and earning a master's degree in social work. Woburn Mayor Scott Galvin honored Carson with a special citation.

"It's really special during these times that you can come out and support people and see the real good that's happening," he said.

A car during a happy birthday parade for Agnes Carson who turned 102 Thursday in Woburn. (WBZ-TV)

The family was disappointed not to be able to give Carson a traditional birthday party, but she didn't seem to mind.

"You saw her face. She truly loved seeing everyone come out and she's so modest," said Carson's great niece Annmarie Concannon.

Carson is the youngest of 10 children. Most of her siblings lived well into their 90s.

When it was over, Carson gave some sage advice: "Love one another and be happy with the family."

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