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Winthrop couple stays young by ice dancing into their 80s

Winthrop couple stays young by ice dancing into their 80s
Winthrop couple stays young by ice dancing into their 80s 02:25

WINTHROP -- A Winthrop couple in their 80s has stayed young -- and stayed together -- thanks to a unique hobby. For 55 years, Richard and Nancy Albert have been lacing up their skates and ice dancing. 

"We have 15 pairs of matching sweaters. So we always match," said Richard.   

And they glide onto the ice. 

"It's the same waltz, foxtrot, tango, then it repeats," said Nancy. 

The Winthrop couple met as teenagers on a blind date. They married in 1957. 

Then they learned to skate with their two kids. 

"They went off to college and they stopped skating. And we're still out there," said Nancy. 

Now in their 80s with grandchildren, the two ice dance together three times a week. 

"There's the challenge. Trying not to fall. The challenge to execute the dance moves. And just the love of being out there," said Richard. 

While some things have changed, they've weathered the rough patches and falls, together. 

"Oh we're a lot slower," said Nancy with a laugh.

"We had each other during great times. And we lifted each other up during times that might not have been so great," said Richard. 

So after 65 years of marriage, what has kept them as partners on and off the ice for so long? 

"We're still having fun," said Nancy. 

Richard added, "And we're still growing. We're always changing, and we're always staying the same. Inwardly, she's the same person. She's the same 16-year-old girl that answered the door. And with life experience."

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