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Putting 'No Headache' Wine Filters To The Test

BOSTON (CBS) -- Think about this: wine without the headache. New products are being marketed as ways to avoid that day after pain.

"Sometimes if I do drink a little bit too much I definitely don't feel very well the next day," wine enthusiast Rebecca Lanstein told us.

She enjoys a glass of wine, or two, but with two young kids hangovers are more than an inconvenience.

"They are not fun. And as you get older they get worse and worse."

So, we asked Rebecca to try some of the new products promising to filter out the sulfites in the wine.  The Wand claims this process will help cut down on those wine headaches. Users swirl the filter around in their glass and wait three minutes. Another device called Ullo wants to purify your wine. Simply pour the wine through the filter and enjoy.

Rebecca tried both products and said she noticed a difference.

"I didn't have a hangover or a headache the next day.  It was like I only had one or two glasses of wine, which was wonderful."

Sulfites are naturally occurring in wine. Additionally, they are often added during the bottling process to preserve the wine. Relying on products that reduce sulfites in order to reduce a hangover may not be your best bet.

"There really isn't good evidence that sulfites trigger migraines," explained Mass General Neurologist Marie Pasinski.  While some people are sensitive to sulfites Dr. Pasinski said, "the biggest trigger for headaches in wine is the alcohol."

Sulfite filters don't do anything to reduce the alcohol content.

Rebecca is not ready to skip the alcohol altogether and tells us she plans to use the filters with her next bottle of cabernet, just in case.

"You can have a couple of  glasses of wine and not feel it the next day, and still take care of your kids, which is great."

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