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Windows Smashed For Game 3 Tickets: Fans Compete In 'Bruins Trivia Bash'

BOSTON (CBS) – Tickets to Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals are hard to come by. Some die hard Bruins fans are willing to do nearly anything to get them.

That includes having parts of their car smashed.

98.5 The Sports Hub's Toucher and Rich held the "Bruins Ticket Bash" Monday morning, with tickets to Monday night's Game 3, and a couple contestants' cars, on the line.

Joe McCarthy and Mike Monteiro were the lucky (or unlucky) contestants, with the rules simple: Answer some Bruins trivia correct and you win tickets to the game. Get them wrong, and Scott Zolak was standing by with a sledgehammer.

Photos: Bruins Trivia Bash

After a hard fought battle, McCarthy stood tall with tickets to Game 3. However, he lost his headlights and windows. But it was all worth it for the Whitman resident.

"I came here to lose my headlights, but lost my windows too," he said standing on the broken glass around his 1999 Grand Prix. "I'm just happy to be watching Bruins hockey in June."

"It was all worth it," McCarthy said.

Surprisingly, Monterio thought the same.

"I had a blast," he said. "Joe is pretty good, he was tough to beat."

McCarthy is taking his brother Frank to the game, who had season tickets but did not renew them this season. In return, Frank will have to drive, of course.

Watch Zolak In Action

Both contestants brought their only form of transportation, McCarthy a 1999 Grand Prix and Monteiro a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue, so there was a lot riding on the contest.

The smashing started early for Monterio, who chose the Montreal Canadiens as the team who eliminated Boston in the 2008/09 playoffs. Incorrect. Lights out for Mike.

He could not even watch as Zolak smashed his headlights.

Much like his beloved Bruins, he fell into an early 0-2 hole, picking Ray Bourque as a 2005 Bruins entry into the NHL Hall of Fame. Wrong answer, so long windows. Monteiro took it all in this time.

One more wrong answer, and he was done and McCarthy would be heading to Game 3. But what fun would it be if the Grand Prix left without a scratch?

McCarthy answered two straight incorrect, leaving him without his headlights (one of them recently replaced) or windows.

Tie game.

McCarthy correctly named the Bruins acquisitions from Florida before the season, Nathan Horton and Gregory Campbell, leaving it up to Monteiro to answer the final question correctly.

He could not name a member of the Kraut line in the 1970's. Goodbye tickets, and more importantly, goodbye windshield.

"Dad, it didn't go so well…." Monteiro said right after over the phone. Luckily, his father is a mechanic.

He also took home a consolation prize; a free tow.

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