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Wilmington Cub Scouts Print 3D Hands For Kids In Haiti, Friend

WILMINGTON (CBS) - It's a big night for the Wilmington's Cub Scout Pack 136.

Cub Scout Matt Newhouse says, "I'm really excited because we are able to use technology not just to play around, but we are helping other people."

The scouts are finally done with their latest project, something they never dreamed they could do.

Frankie Grieco
Frankie Grieco gets new hand created by fellow Cub Scouts (WBZ-TV)

"The 3D printed parts came to us, we raised the money to get tools to assemble and the boys did it all themselves," Pack Leader Rebecca Grieco says.

What the scouts did was make and print out four hands on the 3D printer to send to kids who need them in Haiti.

Tuesday night, they wrote the cards and double checked their work. But it was a fifth hand made with the help of a printing company that's stealing the spotlight.

"He's gone through tough stages and we are helping him out by making him a hand as well to have him have an easier life," Matt says.

Frankie Grieco
Frankie Grieco shows off 3D printed hand created by fellow Cub Scouts (WBZ-TV)

Fellow Cub Scout Frankie Grieco has been living without a hand his whole life and it hasn't been easy.

His mom Rebecca tells WBZ, "As he got older, there were certain things challenging, socially, emotionally or physically."

But now, thanks to his friends he is getting a life changing gift. It's not just cool, it's also functional. "It will help me ride my bike and do the monkey bars and hold a bag of chips and eat," Frankie says.

From high fives to fist bumps, the small project is a big success and not just for Frankie. "We got to work together as a team and help some kids we don't even know and it's just a fun project," Matt says.

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