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Will Logan Airport Numbers Keep Climbing?

BOSTON (CBS) -- Logan Airport celebrated its 36 millionth passenger this week, but the question is, will this growth continue until the airport averages 100,000 people a day?

As the new year begins, these 10 questions may hold some answers:

  1. Will Norwegian Shuttle fly to more European destinations?
  1. Will European carriers match low-cost airline fares?
  1. Can Logan handle increased morning flights by Delta and JetBlue?
  1. Will airlines crackdown on large carry-on items?
  1. Can the TSA reduce the wait times to clear security at peak times?
  1. Where will Logan park passenger cars? Garages are full.
  1. When will ride sharing come to the airport?
  1. How will curbside congestion in Terminal C be eased?

9. What is expected from Southwest international flights?

  1. Will other New England airports add international service?

All Things Travel reports with Bob Weiss are on WBZ News Radio.

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