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Why The Texans Were Stupid In Loss To Patriots

BOSTON (CBS) -- One of the most celebrated segments of the Zolak & Bertrand show returned from a two-week hiatus on Monday, as Marc Bertrand and Scott Zolak broke down why the Patriots' opponent was stupid on Sunday night.

For the Houston Texans, their stupidity was deeply rooted in their insistence on using the Wildcat formation several times and finding no success with it.

It also included putting Whitney Mercilus in coverage on Rob Gronkowski, a decision that allowed Gronkowski to haul in a 45-yard reception in the first quarter.

"That was such a poor decision to put [Mercilus on Gronkowski], that Brady broke containment, is scrambling to his right, is going away from the middle of the field to the right sideline, and he proceeds to launch the ball all the way across the grain, which is a cardinal sin for a quarterback, throwing the ball all the way across the field, because it's going to get picked," Zolak said. "But he saw the matchup and said 'I'm just going to put it up and let him go get it.'"

Bertrand couldn't understand how a defense ever thinks it's the right idea to put a linebacker in man coverage on Gronkowski.

"How many teams have to do this before every future team says, 'OK, we're not going to cover Rob Gronkowski 1-on-1 with a linebacker'?" he said. "How many times does this have to happen?"

Zolak added J.J. Watt's needless late hit on Tom Brady to the list.

"It was a dumb play by him," Zolak said. "Really dumb play. ... Clear two steps, right into the back of the quarterback."

Zolak and Bertrand both thought it was questionable for the Texans to keep Brian Hoyer in the game, despite what looked like a clear concussion.

But really, the Wildcat stole The Stupid Show.

Listen to the full segment below.

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