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Why Do Women Usually Feel Colder Than Men?

BOSTON (CBS) - The battle over the thermostat. It's right up there with money as a reason couples argue.

There's a physiological reason women often feel colder than men.

We've all battled the cold outside this winter, but it's the temperature inside our homes that many couples find themselves fighting about all year round.

But, why do women always seem to feel colder than men? It turns out there's actually a biological basis.

WBZ-TV's Kate Merrill reports.

More of a woman's warmth is drawn to the center of her body, which means less heat reaches her hands and feet.

"Women are biologically geared to have children so being able to pull body, blood flow to the central core is really important and less important to the fingers and toes. So, it makes sense that the extremities might get cooler," said Dr. Tamara Kuittimen, the Director of Medical Education for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Lenox Hospital.

Like most differences between women and men, hormones play a big role.

"Cortisol is a very powerful hormone. It's your fight hormone. And so it keeps you warm, it gets your adrenaline roaring and helps with body warming," said Dr. Kuittimen.

The thermostat wars can get even more heated at night, when our bodies produce less Cortisol, so as it gets later, women can feel even colder.

So if women can't change their hormones or biology, what's the solution? Compromise.

No matter what the temperature, try to keep your cool. So, you will still have your love to keep you warm.

Experts say women can be even more sensitive to temperature as they get older because of hormonal changes brought on by menopause.

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