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Which Boston Team Will Win A Championship Next?

BOSTON (CBS) -- With the Celtics in the playoffs and the Red Sox season in full swing, Zolak & Bertrand debated which Boston sports team (outside of the Patriots) is closest to winning a championship.

Since it's clear that the Patriots are the furthest along of the major four Boston sports teams, Zolak & Bertrand won't count them. But who else could go all the way soon?

Both Zolak and Bertrand agree that if the argument is based on how each team is currently constructed, the Red Sox are the closest to winning another title.

"I think it's the Red Sox because they have so many pieces in place. They have a good bullpen. They have a very good to great front end starter," said Beetle. "They've got so many pieces in place on that team. I don't think they're there right now, but I think they could be. They're in striking distance of adding a couple of key pieces that would make them in the hunt for getting back to the World Series and winning it."

Of course, the Celtics have plenty of impending changes that could make them a much more attractive choice. A lottery pick and plenty of cap space have the Celtics in position to move up the list.

"Things could change overnight for the Celtics over the offseason," said Beetle. "If we're basing it off current roster and what we currently know about the team, they're a long way off. So far off that even though they made the playoffs, don't you feel like the Bruins could get back in the mix faster?"

And while the Bruins missed out on the playoffs for the second consecutive season, there are still pieces to a championship puzzle to work with.

What do you think? Which team is closest to another title?

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