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What Does Rajon Rondo Want The Celtics To Do On Draft Night?

BOSTON (CBS) - Thursday night means it's time for some Role Play on The Adam Jones Show!

Here are the questions:

1. You are Red Sox manager John Farrell. Your fifth starter Clay Buchholz has struggled all season long and was recently put on the disabled list for a hyperextended knee, although some would argue the real problem is between the ears. What will it take to get Buchholz back on a major league mound?

Jones as Farrell: "Well first of all he's healthy. We're saying it's his knee, saying he lost a lot of weight in the heat. We don't know what we're talking about. Honestly I just sort of shoot from the hip. I knew we were gonna place him on the disabled list, so you gotta make something up. You need some kind of excuse, so what the heck? Let's make a couple of them. We need to make sure he's more mentally ready. This is not a physical thing. There's a lot of things that need to shake out for Clay. He needs a couple weeks, if not a month away."

2. You are NBA commissioner Adam Silver. It's your first year on the job and the conference finals are coming to a close. Who do you want to see in the NBA Finals?

Jones as Silver: "Oh, c'mon. It's Miami and Oklahoma City. It's LeBron and Durant. We saw it a couple of years ago so it would be a rematch, just like the Spurs would be quite frankly. Basically anything not involving Indiana I would sign off on. It's a stars league, and there are no two bigger stars than LeBron James and Kevin Durant."

3. You are Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel. Despite being drafted in the first round you've been taking a lot of second team snaps in practice. Will you be comfortable as a backup all season?

Jones as Manziel: "Depends who I'm backing up. Are the Browns trading for Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or something? I have a problem being the backup to Brian Hoyer if I'm being honest. If I'm sitting behind Brett Favre like Aaron Rodgers I'm okay with that. If I'm sitting behind Tom Brady like Janeane Garofalo in New England I'm okay with that..."

"I think you mean Jimmy Garoppolo not Janeane Garofalo," said Rich Keefe.

"No I'm not okay being Brian Hoyer's backup. I'm Johnny bleepin Football!" said Jones

4. You are Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. The NBA draft is approaching, what do you want to see the team do on draft night?

Jones as Rondo: "I would like to see the Celtics trade however many picks it takes to bring in our next Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. ... I want to trade for some stars. I need some talent around me."

5. You are Patriots receiver Julian Edelman. You're a rising YouTube star. You've given us Smoothie Tyme, and more recently Burger Tyme. What do you got planned next?

Jones as Edelman: "If you go Burger, I feel like Burrito or maybe Pizza -- something like that. I feel like Burrito Tyme would be a nice thing to do."

Listen for the full segment and leave us your answers in the comments section below:

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