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What causes most stress during the holiday season?

What causes most stress around holidays?
What causes most stress around holidays? 01:01

BOSTON – Between family, travel and shopping, the holidays can take a toll on your mental health. A new survey shows what stresses us out the most.

A survey by the American Psychiatric Association finds nearly a third of Americans are more stressed out this year than last holiday season.

The top three sources of anxiety are affording holiday gifts, finding gifts and the cost of holiday meals.

Experts say instead of focusing on spending, focus on spending time with loved ones and lower expectations to make things easier on yourself...

"Just making sure that we give ourselves some self-compassion, it's going to be OK. It's OK to turn down some of those invites if they don't give us joy. And it's ok for our house to not look perfect when people come over," said Dr. Howard Liu of the American Psychiatric Association.

Surprisingly, the survey also shows only one-quarter of Americans said discussing politics with their families causes them stress.

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