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Weymouth Man Hit By Accused Drunk Driver Struggles To Recover From Massive Injuries

WEYMOUTH (CBS) - Mike Carfagna, 39, walks slowly and gingerly, using a crutch these days. But the fact that he can walk at all is amazing, considering his injuries.

"I had plastic surgery done on my nose.  I had a brain hemorrhage.  I had a severed aorta, a shattered diaphragm, a severed liver, a broken leg, a replaced knee and then an abdominal muscle replaced in my mid-section," he told WBZ-TV.

Carfagna was on a sidewalk in Weymouth back in February, when a driver ran over him, then hit another car.

Weymouth OUI
Thomas Mohan falls to the ground during a field sobriety test after a crash in Weymouth (Image from K9 Daycare)

The driver, 51-year-old Thomas Mohan, was seen on video falling on his face to the pavement during a field sobriety test. Police say he was drunk and high on drugs when he ran over Carfagna.

"He practically killed me," Carfagna said, adding that he now has $100,000 worth of medical bills that he can't pay.  Mohan's insurance will only cover about $20,000 of that.

Carfagna lives on $300 a month from welfare. All he wants is to heal up, so he can work again and get out of debt.

weymouth DUI Thomas Mohan
Thomas Mohan. (Photo credit: Norfolk District Attorney's Office)

"I don't hold any remorse against him," Carfagna said. "I deal with alcoholism in my family, I know that it's a disease."

Mike Carfagna
Mike Carfagna now walks with a cane. (WBZ-TV)

"I kind of understand his situation," he told WBZ.  "I have a little bit of sympathy for him, but I just don't want it to happen to anybody else again."

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