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'Craving A Sense Of Normalcy': Westwood Residents Lament Town's High-Risk Label For COVID

WESTWOOD (CBS) - Westwood is one of the towns just added by Massachusetts as a high-risk community for coronavirus infections.

This news comes despite residents in the town saying they're doing everything they can.

"I'm doing everything. I'm wearing my mask, everyone stays six feet apart," said one resident. "So I'm doing everything, and I think everyone else is. We're not going out to eat as much."

Overall, 121 Mass. communities have been labeled high-risk for COVID-19, with most of them in the heavily-populated eastern parts of the state.

New state data indicates the growth is coming from small clusters, and contact with immediate family members.

"It's probably not something that we can stem with economic rollbacks, reopening rollbacks," says Dr. Shira Doron, a Tufts Medical Center Epidemiologist. "It's not something that can be stemmed with closing schools. It's something that has to be taken on by the individuals."

And if it is getting frustrating for residents, and COVID-18 fatigue is setting in, people in Westwood told WBZ-TV on Friday they'll keep up the fight.

"We've been in this situation for so long, people are missing their loved ones, their friends," said another resident. "People are craving a sense of normalcy."

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