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Man Killed In Freak Accident Involving Deer

WESTON (CBS) – A local artist was killed in Weston Wednesday night following a crash involving a deer that is being described as a freak accident.

David Lang's family describes him as always on a journey.

"Amazing sculptor. He was an amazing person. He truly enjoyed teaching," said Kathleen Lang, his wife.

Lang returned home on Monday from a trip to Ireland where he was setting up a show of his photography.

On Wednesday evening David, who was 76-years old, was driving on Route 30 in Weston when a car traveling the opposite direction hit a buck, sending it into the air and through David's windshield.

deer crash
A man died in a crash involving a deer in Weston. (WBZ-TV)

Dying in a car accident involving a deer is exceedingly rare. In Massachusetts, there's been only one other case in the past 34 years and the circumstances were the same.

"They are looking for does to mate with, and they are a lot less aware of what's going around them," said Marion Larson, of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

Each year there are 7,000-10,000 car accidents involving deer in the state, but this is the time of year to really watch out for them.

"This time of year the likelihood of seeing a deer or striking a deer is rather high because it's the breeding season," said Larson.

Deer mating season runs from mid-October through mid-November. They are out during dusk and dawn, which also coincides with the heavy commute times. Larson said if you see a deer in the road, don't swerve, just brake.

Michele Grzenda, of the Weston Conservation Administration, said Weston has a deer population that is considered fairly large. The population is 25 deer per square mile with the goal being 6-8 per square mile. In 2012, the town started deer hunts on conservation land to thin the herd.

"Not an armchair person, to be part of a freak occurrence in terms of how it happened is believable with him," said Kathleen Lang of her husband.

David Lang with members of his family. (Family Photo)

David took on life. Kathleen, his wife of 51 years, said her husband would be want to be remembered this way.

"As a teacher, as a mentor for people, as a parent, and as a grandparent," said Kathleen Lang.

His memorable life as a renaissance man came to a unique close.

"It is hard but it is fitting. And, I will miss him very much. It's kind of how he lived life in a way," said Kathleen Lang.

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