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Wellfleet IFAW Animal Rescue Team Saves Pregnant Dolphin

WELLFLEET (CBS) -- A marine mammal rescue team successfully saved a pregnant dolphin in Wellfleet after she got stuck in shallow water Tuesday, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

IFAW wrote on Facebook that they had received several reports of dolphins swimming close to land in shallow waters and were able to herd two to deeper waters. But then a third one became stranded.

"IFAW staff and volunteers rushed to action, gently removing her from the reeds and to our response trailer for a health assessment," they wrote.

dolphin stranding
The pregnant dolphin. (Photo Credit: IFAW)

The dolphin's large belly suggested she was pregnant, they wrote, and an ultrasound confirmed her condition.

The dolphin was evaluated and returned to safer waters with the help of the Wellfleet Harbor Master.

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