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Wellesley High School Parents Want Tougher Punishment For Students Involved In Brutal Attack On Teen

WELLESLEY (CBS) – Parents in Wellesley are calling for more action from the school district after a student was beaten over the summer in what the victim's mother called a brutal and premeditated attack.

Parents in Wellesley rallied around sophomore Sean Ade on Wednesday after he was attacked in July.

"He was lured into the woods and six children were there and he was he was beaten and urinated on," Sean's mother Allyson said.

One of the suspended students was scheduled to return to the classroom Wednesday.

"We want them to suspend the ultimate amount of time which would have been 90 days because this is a severe crime. Ten to thirty days is not enough," Allyson said. "This was a premeditated attack. It went beyond bullying. There needs to be more consequences for the kids who did this to Sean."

Police Chief Jack Pilecki was at the protest, but would not comment on specifics of the case because it involved juveniles.

"It was reported to us and the police investigated. We filed appropriate charges, the suspects were brought to court, the court handled it," Pilecki said.

The superintendent and high school principal sent an email to parents Tuesday night, writing in part:

We work as a team to provide support to victims after an incident and to create safety plans to help ensure that any bullying is not repeated. Young people make mistakes; they should be allowed to learn from those mistakes. To that end, we strive to have a balance between appropriate consequences and a path forward to recover.

Parents said that was the first communication from the district, and it came three months after the incident occurred.

"This is typical of the town. They sweep this stuff under the rug this should have been acknowledged well beyond last night," parent Amy Wagner said.

"I want to see more communication more support for people who are bullied. I want to see us really follow that zero-tolerance policy we say we have," parent Brenda Nicolazzo added.

Sean's mother said her son is doing better because of all the support from the community, and she hopes the rally will empower any other students who are being bullied to speak out.


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