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'You Helped Me Find A Family': Jack Williams Reunites With 1992 Wednesday's Child

BOSTON (CBS) – As WBZ-TV celebrates 70 years of broadcast history, we look at a Channel 4 legacy that's been changing lives for nearly 40 years, Wednesday's Child.

Created by Jack Williams in 1981, Wednesday's Child has featured over 1,000 hard to adopt children who are looking for forever homes. Today, Jack came out of retirement to show us what a profound difference the program has made.

"All I need is an adoptive home," said Angel, a child Jack profiled in 1992. Angel had been abused, was malnourished and had bounced between foster homes.

Wednesday's Child Reunion
Luis with Jack Williams during a 1992 edition of Wednesday's Child. (WBZ-TV)

"I was living in this one foster home where they didn't feed us all that much, and you basically would find food where you would find it," he told WBZ-TV in a recent interview.

He changed his name to Luis when he was adopted, striving for a new beginning. Mary Beth Carmody is his adoptive mother.

"Luis had a lot of challenges, but he was willing to put the effort into making the adjustments he needed to make, to make his life what it is today," she says.

Wednesday's Child Reunion
Luis and Jack Williams have a Wednesday's Child reunion. (WBZ-TV)

Today, Luis is a family man himself with a young son named Connor.

"I've made it a mission in my life that he's never to see what I've seen, never to experience what I experienced, never had to go through what I had to go through," says Luis.

Jack says that Luis is one of the strongest people he has ever known.

"You've done a lot for me. You helped me find a family. You always kept in touch with me and you sort of helped me get my diploma, by giving it to me.  So it meant a lot to me," Luis told Jack. "I'll always, always, always be in your debt for that, always."

For more information, visit the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange website.

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