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Wednesday's Child: 13-year-old Elizabeth

Wednesday's Child: 13-year-old Elizabeth
Wednesday's Child: 13-year-old Elizabeth 01:26

(MARE) - Lizzie is a young teenager looking for a family to show her love and support as she grows during this transitional time. As most kiddos, Lizzie loves to play on her tablet. She is artistic and likes to engage in arts and crafts. Lizzie has enjoyed baking too. She loves the summer and especially swimming. She is adventurous and will usually try different activities at least once. She has frequently talked about engaging in some type of recreational activity such as gymnastics or dance.

Lizzie's favorite class is English, as she enjoys reading and does well in this area. Lizzie is a very fun and resilient kid. She has a very spunky, funny, and unique personality once you get to know her. She is up for a challenge and can adapt to different living environments and situations. Lizzie is inquisitive and intelligent; she picks up on her surrounding quickly.

Families of any constellation are encouraged to inquire about Lizzie although those without other children in the home would be the best fit. A dedicated family open to sharing the ups and downs of life would be an ideal match. It will be important for Lizzie's pre-adoptive match to be educated in trauma and the different ways that it presents itself. The right family for Lizzie will understand that developing trust is a process that will take time; she has been seen to open up and connect in the past, creating bonds with the important people in her life. Lizzie deserves an amazing family that will support her development so that she can thrive in her environment.

For more information you can contact MARE: 617-964-MARE (6273) or visit

Since its inception in 1981, Wednesday's Child has been a collaboration of the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE), the Department of Children & Families and WBZ-TV/CBS Boston. Hosted by Jack Williams for 34 years, this weekly series has given a face and voice to the children who wait the longest for families. Wednesday's Child has helped find homes for hundreds of waiting children and continues to raise awareness about adoption from foster care.

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