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WBZ-TV Weather Watchers

What's a Weather Watcher?

Anybody can become a WBZ Weather Watcher; you just need to be able to look outside and report what you see.  Weather reports are great, photos are even better, and video scores you big brownie points. The only way to see your weather report on TV is to send one!

Share Weather Reports

As much as we'd love to be, we can't possibly be everywhere at the same time to catch the conditions in each neighborhood. That's where WBZ Weather Watchers come in. Step outside or take a peek at the thermometer and send us your info. We'll use some of your reports each day on TV.

Share Weather Photos

Snap a photo of a gorgeous sunset, a soaking rainstorm, your blooming garden... you get the picture. Send us these photos using the link below. If you're lucky you'll see your pictuers on TV.

Share Weather Video

Grab your cell phone and capture a quick video of that sudden hail storm, drenching rain, crashing waves, or storm damage. Your video may end up in one of our TV weather reports.

Send an email to the Weather Team with your report.

TIP: Optimze your images and photos before sending via email. (Video)

CBS Boston is working on a UGC solution to make sharing your photos and videos easier. No files over 10Mbs please.

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