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WATCH: Richard Seymour Surprises Robert Kraft With Hall Of Fame Announcement

BOSTON (CBS) -- Richard Seymour is a Hall of Famer. When he learned the news on Thursday, one of the first people he wanted to tell was Robert Kraft.

Seymour made a surprise visit to the Patriots' owner in Los Angeles upon learning the news, springing the news on Kraft and thanking him for the guidance and support from the owner and the organization as a whole.

"Obviously you've been a tremendous and proud supporter of me througout my career, and the great organization of the Patriots drafted me. And I only felt that it was right to let you know first that ... I'm the newest member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame."

Kraft's response was perfect.

"Aw, effin' awesome!" Kraft said while reaching up to give Seymour a hug. "Oh, that's great!"

Kraft told Seymour that he's not sure there's another player in league history to win three Super Bowls in his first four years in the NFL (fellow 2001 Patriots draftee Matt Light would certainly fit that bill, too), before Kraft heaped praise upon Seymour's impact on those championship teams.

"The difference you made on our team was fantastic. And I have the most amazing memories because you talk so calmly and you're so cool," Kraft said.

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