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Wasps Swarming Outside Whitman Town Hall

WHITMAN (CBS) - Elected officials are used to stinging rebukes, but they draw the line at being stung -- literally. Wasps have camped outside the town hall in Whitman.

Everything looks normal at first outside Whitman Town Hall. Then, you see two yellow barriers blocking some shrubs. Then, you see the holes in the ground and then something whizzes past your face.

Digger wasps are buzzing people going in and out of the town hall.

"I was considered about people coming in and out," said Frank Lynan, a town administrator. "So we did engage an exterminator, who actually has been out here at least six times in the last week and a half. They seem to be a pretty durable group of insects, because they keep coming back."

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Mark Katic reports.


Lynan said they used to have to deal with 50 to 60 of the wasps around the entrance.

"My primary concern is that people not disturb them and end up getting stung or bitten," said Lynan.

So far, no one has reported being stung.

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