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Wareham Pet Owners Concerned About Recent Coyote Attacks

WAREHAM (CBS) --- Pet owners in Wareham have been told to keep a closer eye on their animals in the wake of what appears to have been a pair of attacks by a pack of coyotes.

Animal control officials in town got word last week of a boxer being attacked and killed by a group of three coyotes. Then, Monday morning, two Labradors were also attacked by a trio of coyotes, but the dogs were able to get away.

"It scared me," says dog owner Laura Martens, who just heard about the attacks. "I didn't put the dog out all day and then I put her out for a little while and stayed out there with her."

Wareham police say the coyotes present the biggest threat in the Swift's Beach area of town.

"I could see that happening because it's all settled and they go in and they sneak up on them," explains resident and dog owner Paul Monahan. "And I've seen coyotes in the city, too, so they are, they're getting bad. They're everywhere."

"With the woods," Monahan continues, "you don't see them and then the next thing you know they could be beside you. You know, they just sneak up on you."

John Pacheco has lived here for 13 years, and he's become used to the nightly howling of the coyotes in the woods and marsh around Swift's Beach. As he walked his dog Gizmo on a crisp fall night, Pacheco agrees that there's not much he and other pet owners can do to fight the coyotes, except to be as aware of them as possible.

"What can I do about it," he asks.

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