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Waltham Resident 'Stunned' After Worker Finds Sentimental Ornament On Discarded Christmas Tree

WALTHAM (CBS) -- A city worker in Waltham is being praised for having a good eye after he spotted a sentimental ornament still on a Christmas tree out for collection.

"It says Baby's First Christmas, 1985."

It's an ornament that has been with the LeBlanc family for 36 years.

"It was my daughter's first Christmas. It's not worth a lot of money but it's very sentimental," explained Carol LeBlanc of Waltham.

The tradition of hanging the ornament from the family's Christmas tree would've ended, if not for Kevin Ryan, a tree surgeon with the Waltham Public Works Department.

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A ornament was found on a discarded Christmas tree in Waltham (Photo Via Carol LeBlanc)

"We picked a tree up there was an ornament on it. It turned out to be 'Baby's First Christmas' and due to it just being in the front of the house I went and knocked on the lady's door," said Ryan.

The tree has been left outside for disposal as part of the city's Christmas tree collection service, the ornament unknowingly still attached to one of the branches.

"I appreciate him taking the time and just thinking about somebody else and thinking about what something as small as a first baby's Christmas ornament can mean to somebody else," said LeBlanc.

"It's just the right thing to do," said Ryan. "I bet they were going to go looking for it next year and hopefully she passes it down to the kids like my parents did."

Carol LeBlanc wrote an email to the City of Waltham telling the story, which was shared on the city's Facebook page. Her goal was simply to make sure Kevin, and people like him, are recognized.

"It really did make my day that there are good people in the world. When someone does something nice they should be thanked for it and it makes you want to do something nice for the next person," said LeBlanc.

"This plays into what we all have to do in the last year. If I made her day just by doing that, great," said Ryan.

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