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Wally The Green Monster's Sister Tessie Is Coming To Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- There's a never before seen member of the Red Sox family that has perimeter and diehard Red Sox fans alike asking, "wait, who?"

Her name is Tessie, and apparently, she's Wally the Green Monster's sister.

In a video posted by the team, Wally is seen heading home to visit his parents at JetBlue park in Fort Myers when Tessie runs out onto the field.

Together -- to a special Dropkick Murphys track -- the pair enjoy some sibling time at the park. But when Wally gets ready to head back to Boston, it's decided that Tessie's coming too.

Tessie will make her Boston debut at Winter Weekend on January 22.

Watch the full video 

Meet Tessie!

Wally's little sister, Tessie, is coming to Boston! Meet her for the first time at Winter Weekend!

Posted by Boston Red Sox on Tuesday, January 5, 2016
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