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Vigilance My Friends....Disaster Still Lurks !!

     There are some many things in today's world I don't understand, but at or near the top of those "things" is WikiLeaks.  I'm not sure how it started nor  how it will end, but if it doesn't include someone being indicted and convicted for treason and subsequently hanged in the public square, this country is in much sadder shape than we already know that it is.   At the very least, lets start with the founder of WikiLeaks!   Need more candidates for the me!

     Sorta related to the above.... is the latest from the "World of the Stupids."     Headlining that world right now is a guy named Muhamud. Actually it's one guy.....two Muhamud's.......yes Muhamud Muhamud...or is it Mohamed Mohamed?    It is one teenage knucklehead from Portland, Oregon named Muhamud who said he wanted to put on a "spectacular show" by bombing men, women and children who were attending a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony.    Oh he's a terror suspect for sure, he's stated clearly he has had contact with jihadists in Pakistan and he was looking for blood and body-parts in our streets.    This immediately qualifies him for inclusion in the suggested penalties from above in paragraph one.   But the part that strikes me as ironic... is how inept and downright stupid these muhamud-types are.    On one hand I want to congratulate the people who are keeping this country safe..and have since 9-11.   There has got to be incredible intelligence working for us to uncover these idiots before they can bloody our streets.  This Mohamud is a classic example of "World of the Stupids."    He negotiated (unknown) with undercover agents, posing as fellow jihadists, and went so far as to press a button on his cellphone that he thought was going to touch off the bomb.   Turns out the bomb was a was Muhamud!

     But all of this country's great intelligence aside, just think of where we'd be if these Muhamud's weren't inept or stupid.   The "Shoe Bomber" in Boston.   If this dope had known how to keep his matches dry, a lot of people would have died on that plane.   The "Underwear Bomber".    Apparently a lot of damage to his own genitalia but once again, it wasn't our  intelligence that stopped it.  The "Times Square Bomber."    No prior intelligence on our part,  just sheer luck that this alien from the World of the Stupids didn't know how to make an effective  detonator.

     Disaster is still lurking out there!!

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