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VIDEO: Tufts Doctor Sings 'I'll Stay Home For Christmas'

BOSTON (CBS) -- It's a 2020 twist on the Bing Crosby holiday classic: A Tufts Medical Center doctor sings "I'll Stay Home For Christmas" in a new parody video with an important message.

Health officials and local leaders are urging people not to travel or spend the holidays with people outside their household as coronavirus cases surge. Dr. Shira Doron, an infectious disease physician and hospital epidemiologist, performs the song to explain why staying put is the best option this time of year.

"I'll stay home for Christmas/A plan we have devised/To show respect and help protect/The immunocompromised," Doron sings.

She also reminds those thinking about getting tested before seeing loved ones that a negative COVID test is "just a point in time."

The song ends on a hopeful note - Tufts was one of the first hospitals in Massachusetts to get the coronavirus vaccine last week and has already started vaccinating health care workers.

"Next year we will gather/For nice home cooked cuisine/I'll stay home for Christmas/Until there's a vaccine," Doron signs.

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