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Truck Driver Stops Traffic To Help Woman Cross Street

BOSTON (CBS) – A truck driver's good deed is going viral. He stopped traffic and got out of his vehicle to help an elderly woman cross the street.

"I got to go park my truck, I got to go outside and walk her," driver Rene Lopez told WBZ.

Video recorded by Samantha Steward shows cars waiting behind Rene Lopez's truck at a Barnstable intersection Thursday morning.

"I got to go stop for the traffic, so I go 'hey guy give me one second, I got to go cross the street with the lady,'" Lopez said.

Truck driver
Truck driver Rene Lopez helps a woman cross the street in Barnstable (Image credit Samantha Steward)

Steward posted the video on Facebook with the caption, "People like him give me hope there is still good in the world day made."

Lopez works for Accardi Foods out of Medford. The company shared the video on Facebook saying it's proud of their driver for his random act of kindness.

While Lopez didn't do it for the praise, he did get some appreciation from the woman he helped.

"So the lady said 'oh thank you so much honey,'" Lopez said smiling.

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