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Video shows Lawrence man run across highway to help unconscious driver

Lawrence man runs across highway to save unconscious driver
Lawrence man runs across highway to save unconscious driver 02:07

LAWRENCE - Adolfo Molina jumped into action to save a driver in trouble on I-93 last Monday. He was coming from the airport when he noticed something was wrong.

"When they got up to the car right away he saw the woman was unconscious with her head tipping down," Molina's wife Maytee Pena said.

Unaware that a stranger was recording the entire thing, Molina said he knew he had to help

"Something in his mind said go help, so he just got out of the car and did what he needed to do," Pena said. "It was like a sign of God. God sent him to do that mission."

So, he ran across four lanes of traffic and tried his best to stop the car that was driving in the snow near the median guardrail.

"He was pulling the handle and he couldn't hold it," Pena said.

The door was locked. The car still barreling down the side of the highway.

"Him and the other person were pushing the car back to not go in the road," Pena said. "They were trying to push the car more into the (guardrail) to see if it would stop."

Finally, the car hit a divider and stopped.

The video posted on social media now has more than one million views. Molina's wife says it's just like her husband to jump in and help.

"I was surprised, but then at the end of the day not really because he's a helpful person," Pena said.

Molina says he just hopes others will be inspired.

"Help because you don't know who that could be in the car," Pena said. "A mom, a dad, a sister, or a sibling." 

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