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'Vaxed And Relaxed' Cruise To Set Sail In Boston

BOSTON (CBS) - It's meant to be a place where guests can kick back, relax, and unmask.

"We just wanted to kind of alleviate some of that anxiety kind of being built around the vaccinations. I think a big one was who is vaccinated and who isn't," said Natalie Fox, Chief Brand Officer at iVaxed.

On this boat, there's no question. To board the 90-minute "Vaxed and Relaxed" cruise, guests must show proof of vaccination for COVID-19.

"Everyone coming on board is vaccinated and they have temperature checks before they come on board; the whole captain and crew all wear masks while running the charter event and we are also all vaccinated and temperature checked," said Patrick Fee, Captain at Rowes Wharf Water Transport.

"It's a booze cruise- you come on, grab some champagne off the champagne wall. And of course we have entertainment. We have drag queens and a DJ who will be performing at different times throughout the cruise," said Fox.

"After being stuck inside socially distancing for a year, now they get to come out, they take their masks off, they have some drinks, they hang out with their friends, they get to dance and socialize," said Fee.

Boston-based startup iVaxed, which launched in January, is behind the idea.

"We developed a little pin, the iVaxed pin. It's all heart of gold showing that you have a heart of gold and it's a nice subtle way of gesturing towards others that you are vaccinated and alleviating that social anxiety that comes with the vaccinations," said Fox.

iVaxed partnered with Rowes Wharf Water Transport, and the cruises will depart from the ferry terminal behind the Boston Harbor Hotel twice on Sundays through September.

"I'm just looking forward to everyone relaxing a little bit, coming out on the boats, enjoying their summer, slowly getting back into the new normal and having a fun time," said Fee.

For more on the "Vaxed and Relaxed" cruise CLICK HERE.

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