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Private Investigator Says Jogger's Killer May Have Been Stalker

PRINCETON (CBS) - Patience. If the information police floated this week in the Vanessa Marcotte murder seems very vague, at least one private investigator says it's far from being an "unresolved" case.

Dr. Sarah Stein investigates cold cases, which she says the Marcotte case is not. "We know that the Massachusetts State Police have a lot of information in this case," she says.

Wednesday, police put out a public plea for information from anyone who saw a dark-colored SUV near the murder scene on Brooks Station Road in Princeton the afternoon of August 7th.

Stein says it could be a stalker. "We know that Vanessa used to come home on a regular basis and then the last thing she would do before returning to the city, she would go for a run," Stein said. "So in that way someone who's inclined to stalk a victim would be easily able to determine her habits."

By dangling this information out there, she says police could be, in effect, communicating with the killer to show they're on to him. Neighbors in the tiny town where the murder happened can only hope.

The 27-year-old Google executive was visiting her mother from New York City when she went out for a jog. Police found her body naked and burned in some woods near her mother's home, where there's now a sign that says, "Justice for Vanessa" with the police tip hotline 508-453-7589.

Ed Roy lives two doors down. "Three months has gone by, and life goes on and people go on with their lives, but it's still there, and it's a sore spot," Roy says. "We want it to be solved so we can put it to bed, you know, put it to rest."

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