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Family Of Murdered Jogger Pleads For New Information

PRINCETON (CBS) – The family of Vanessa Marcotte is speaking publicly for the first time about the 27-year-old woman killed in the town of Princeton while on a jog.

They called the media together outside a local church at 3:00 p.m. breaking their silence. Her parents John and Rosanna stood by as Vanessa's uncle Steven Therrien read a prepared statement.


"It has been more than four months since Vanessa was tragically taken from us. Not a day goes by we don't reflect on the enormity of our loss," said Therrien.

The Google executive, visiting from New York, went for a run the afternoon of August 7. Her body was later found naked and burned off Brooks Station Road just a half mile from her mother's home.

No one has been charged and her family wants to make sure she remains in the public eye as more than a murder victim. They've set up a new website

"Vanessa embraced the spirit of giving back and volunteerism. You may learn more about Vanessa and causes close to her heart."

They also pleaded with the public for information as they held a tipline sign.

Princeton Marcotte Search
Police head into the woods on August 11 to search the area where Vanessa Marcotte was found dead. (WBZ-TV)

Residents in the area say the unsolved killing still haunts them. "Just a concern about being alone, doors are locked, and making sure where your kids are in the yard," said Matt Palumbo

Investigators have floated one clue about a dark colored SUV that was seen in the area the day of the murder. State Police have also received at least 1,100 tips but nothing so far that points to her killer.

"I think everyone had the same feeling when we heard there was an announcement that there was some closure something stepping forward," said Princeton resident Jean Greeley.

The lack of anything more than a clue about a dark colored SUV, especially an arrest, has changed the small town feel.

"It's a little leery. There's nothing that has come out no clues that's the strange thing about it," said Gary Librandi.

"I used to just walk down the street but now I don't because they haven't found the killer. I don't want to be out alone," said Olivia Librandi.

A pinwheel marks the spot near where Vanessa was found. A memorial to her of sneakers sits on the gazebo in the town green.

Those who live in Princeton don't need a visual reminder of what they've lost, until there's an arrest it's on their minds every day.

"Everybody talks about it everybody's still a little nervous," said Greeley. "It's just sad people just want closure for the family."

Vanessa Marcotte's family is clearly frustrated. "In her brief 27 years she had already achieved much, but we know she had much more to do," said Therrien.

The family says the website will also serve as a way for them to share information about the case rather than speak publicly again.

Tips can be called into (508) 453-7589.

WBZ-TV's Katie Brace contributed to this report.

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