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Vandal Caught On Camera Trashing Holiday Display In Derry, NH

DERRY, NH (CBS) – Snow covers what's left of a family's Christmas display in Derry, New Hampshire after a vandal destroyed almost all of their giant inflatable decorations on the front lawn.

"I actually woke up to my aunt crying," said Nicole Paulin who lives at the home with her aunt and uncle. "She said they struck again. She was just in hysterics. It killed me to see her because those are her pride and joy."

Surveillance video captured the Christmas Scrooge in action - the culprit slashing six of the family's eight inflatable displays multiple times. The decorations included a Frosty the Snowman, a Santa and sleigh, and a snow globe.

"I just want to know why," said Paulin's aunt Joyce Bourque who owns the home. "What do they get out of doing something like that."

Vandals first struck in November, but the family was able to duct tape the damage.

This time though the decorations were ruined.

Some had sentimental value, all were costly.

One bright spot: the Londonderry Home Depot heard about what happened and this morning showed up with 9 replacements.

The family is very grateful to the retailer and touched by their actions.

"I was like 'oh my God'," said Paulin.

Still they want to know who's responsible for destroying a display meant to brighten up the neighborhood.

"I am hurt more than anything," said Bourque. "It's the holiday season. I just can't believe that someone could do that."

Derry Police say they are investigating.

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