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Vandals Target Charity's Food Delivery Truck In New Bedford

NEW BEDFORD (CBS) – Vandals targeted a truck that the United Way uses to deliver food in New Bedford.

"It's certainly frustrating to find out that this happens overnight," said Victoria Grasela of the United Way of Greater New Bedford.

Staff members were getting ready for a routine day, taking donated foods to local food pantries in need when they noticed the vandalism.

"The front window, just smashed in a couple places, the driver side window completely smashed, and the truck was open," Grasela said. "The mirrors on the truck were both broken as well."

The truck was vandalized overnight while parked next to New Bedford High School.

"It's certainly frustrating to show up for a day where you're getting ready to go out to serve folks in our community to find that the truck had been damaged so badly that it was going to take us out of commission for a few days," Grasela said.

But the work must go on. The group was able to borrow a truck and continue their normal duties.

"We called some friends over at PACE which is another nonprofit, they also have a food pantry that we service frequently and they were able to let us use their secondary truck that they have," Grasela said.

The front window has been fixed, but the truck still isn't ready to be driven. While it's been a challenge, staff members say nothing can stop them from serving those in need.

"We're not going to let it bring us down, and we're just going to keep going," Grasela said.

United Way officials hope to have the truck up and running again by next week. New Bedford Police are investigating the incident.

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