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Unexploded ordnance pulled from Charles River in Needham

Magnetic fisherman pulls unexploded mortar from Charles River
Magnetic fisherman pulls unexploded mortar from Charles River 00:54

NEEDHAM - A man in Needham found an unexploded ordnance in the Charles River on Kendrick Street near the town line with Newton on Friday evening.

Sean Martell is a magnet fisher. Using a rope with a powerful magnet, he pulls metal objects from rivers. He placed the unexploded mortar on the sidewalk and called 911. He was live on his YouTube channel at the time.

"As soon as I pulled it up, I was like 'Oh no,' and I was like 'It's a bomb,'" he said. "I ended up calling the cops, and I went back on live again, and I was holding it and showing everybody on YouTube. 'Guys, check out what I just found. I found mortar.'"

Kendrick Street was closed for a time but has now reopened. 

It is unclear where the mortar came from or how long it was sitting at the bottom of the Charles.

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