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Hundreds gather on Boston Common to mark 2 years since Russia invaded Ukraine

People gather on Boston Common to mark 2 years since Russia invaded Ukraine
People gather on Boston Common to mark 2 years since Russia invaded Ukraine 02:45

BOSTON - It's been two years since Russia invaded Ukraine, and hundreds of people gathered on the Boston Common on Saturday to show support for the country. Supporters demand additional funding and support from the United States.

The war has killed thousands and displaced millions more, some of whom fled to New England.

"I came here a year and a half ago from Ukraine and this is really important to me," Gulia Chitidz said.

Gulia and her two sons now live in Boston.

"We didn't want to, but to feel comfortable and safe I decided to go here," she said.

Her husband remains in Ukraine waiting for war to end. 

"He lives in our house. We believe that we will win," Gulia said.

The Ukrainian Cultural Center of New England hosted the rally where faith leaders, local activists, and elected officials spoke to a sea of hopeful Ukrainian supporters.

"Russia's campaign has been relentless and people of Ukraine have paid the price. Ukrainians' have been forced to seek refuge in neighboring countries and estimated 40% of the Ukrainian population is now in dire need of humanitarian assistance," Massachusetts Rep. Stephen F. Lynch said.

US Representative Stephen Lynch called on Congress to approve an additional $60 million dollars in funding to aid the war in Ukraine, where soldiers are fighting to defend their home. But Rep. Lynch is looking to the Republican party for cooperation

"We cannot even bring a bill up to have it considered without their cooperation. We're hoping that enough pressure from outside of Washington can convince Speaker Johnson that's he's gotta bring this bill up because if it hit the floor I think we'd have enough votes to pass it," he said.

"I want everyone to remember Ukraine is still there. War is still going on. It gets worse day after day it doesn't get better and we still need American aid," said Sashko Horokho, who is a member of the Ukranian Cultuural Center of New England.

Organizers say it's rallies like this one that will keep hope for Ukraine alive.

"I have a lot of family in Ukraine and I have a lot of friends, some already died. I think about them all the time, every day," Horkho said.

Six million people have been displaced since Russia invaded Ukraine.

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