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Two Die From Drug Overdoses At Identity Festival In Mansfield

MANSFIELD (CBS) - Two people died and 19 more were hospitalized after a concert at the Comcast Center in Mansfield Thursday.

The "Identity Festival" consisted of several stages and featured techno music and a rave-like atmosphere.

Mansfield Police say that 19-year-old Connor Brandon of Acton and 27-year-old Dominic Impelizzieri of Syracuse, New York overdosed on drugs and alcohol.

Police and EMS say they were busy throughout the day dealing with crime and medical issues.

A total of 21 people were transported to area hospitals, including a person under the influence of drugs who was lying in the street and another who stumbled out of the woods after daylight Friday morning.

Mansfield Police Chief Arthur O'Neill says, "It's a sad state of affairs that there are that many people out there who want to endanger their lives and use these kind of substances."

Police say there were 45 arrests at the all-day festival, which is not unusual for an event of its size. The arrests were for various reasons including drugs, underage drinking, assault and battery and possession of fake IDs.

Among those arrested was 21-year-old Alex Marotte of Springfield who was charged with possession of ecstasy with intent to distribute.

Ten people received civil citations for marijuana possession and police said they found PCP, LSD and homemade drugs.

"They are willing to cook some stuff in their home, bring it in and basically test it out on people to see how it works out," says Mansfield Police Sgt. Ronald Sellon. "People are actually willing to do that and participate in that. It's unsettling."

Performers at the show included Eric Prydz and Wolfgang Carter.

"The atmosphere was a little wild, people were going nuts," says Mark Gilson who attended the concert. "If you go and you know your limits I think you can have a good time at these things."

The tour continued Friday night in Bristow, Virginia.

A spokesperson for Live Nation, who owns the Comcast Center, released the following statement:

"There were some guests in need of medical treatment during the show last night and they were assisted by our on-site emergency medical personnel and then transported to local medical facilities for additional treatment.  We are aware of two people who unfortunately have passed away and our thoughts and prayers go out to their families and friends for their loss.  We have no additional information at this time."

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