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College Students Rescue Man From Tracks At MBTA Station

SOMERVILLE (CBS) - Many people might not remember certain parts of their St. Patrick's Day, but Friday night was one that eight Tufts freshmen will never forget.

The young group was chatting as they waited at Davis Square station to head out for their night. One person in the group, Eric Sinton, watched from across the platform as a 47-year-old Medford man wandered dangerously close to edge.

MBTA rescue
A man jumped onto the tracks at Davis Square to rescue a man who fell (Image from MBTA)

Eric said he suddenly disappeared, falling into the tracks. The man, who later admitted to being under the influence, badly hurt his ankle and couldn't get up.

Eric, who's now home on spring break in New York, recalled for WBZ that split second decision to jump in after him.

"The train had just come and dropped off a bunch of people," Sinton said. "I knew I had a few minutes. I had some confidence jumping in."

MBTA rescue
Group rescues man who fell on tracks at Davis Square Station (Image from MBTA)

"I wasn't really thinking a whole lot," Sinton said. "One moment he fell in and then I was down there with him."

The MBTA does encourage people to contact police or MBTA staff if someone is on the tracks, because of the electrified third rail.

Eric said he could not have helped the man without his friends. As Transit Police arrived to take the victim to the hospital, Sinton says he gave them a "thank you fist bump."

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