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TSA Officers Find Loaded Handgun In Carry-On Bag At Worcester Airport

WORCESTER (CBS) -- TSA officers at Worcester Regional Airport said they stopped a Winchendon woman at a security checkpoint Wednesday for having a loaded handgun in her carry-on bag.

The x-ray machine detected the 22. caliber handgun and officers found eight rounds with one in the gun's chamber, according to the TSA. Massachusetts State Police were called immediately.

worcester gun edited
The gun found at a security checkpoint at Worcester Regional Airport Wednesday. (Photo Credit: TSA)

Travelers are never allowed to have guns in their carry-on bags, and can be subject to criminal charges if they attempt to bring one. The TSA said they can also impose fines of up to $13,333, and a typical first offense for bringing a handgun into a checkpoint is $4,100.

It is unclear whether charges were pressed against the woman or whether she possessed the gun legally.

This is the first time a loaded gun has been detected at the Worcester airport this year. Only one gun was found there last year.

Earlier this month, TSA officers found a loaded handgun in a carry-on bag at Logan Airport, but the man was not charged with a crime.

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