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'Stay Home On Sunday': Officials Warn Massachusetts Residents Before Storm

BOSTON (CBS) -- At a press conference to discuss storm preparations on Friday, state officials urged residents to cancel their weekend plans and stay home. Tropical Storm Henri is expected to hit Massachusetts on Sunday.

"I know that August weekends in Massachusetts are usually a great time to be outside and enjoy what's left of the rest of summer but it looks like this storm is going to have a big impact on the Commonwealth and we really would urge everybody to do everything they can to stay home on Sunday," said Gov. Charlie Baker. "We don't want people to be stuck in the traffic on the Cape Cod bridges when the storm is in full force."

The governor also said he is activating up to 1,000 members of the national guard to help with potential high water rescues, debris clearing, and public safety support.

"We are asking everybody to take this storm seriously, the impact of this storm will be widespread," said Transportation Secretary Jamey Tesler. "Due to the significant amount of rain and high winds, everyone in the state, if possible should plan to be at home by Saturday night and to plan to stay at home on Sunday."

The MBTA will have reduced service and should only be used for essential trips.

MEMA Deputy Director Pat Carnevale reminded residents to stay up to date with the latest forecasts and make sure their cell phones receive public safety alerts.

Estimates show between 100,000 to 300,000 people could be impacted by power outages.

"I think that thing we're most concerned about is if people don't take this seriously, don't understand the size and significance of this particular weather pattern, they could end up in a very bad spot," said Baker.

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