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Crews Work To Clear Fallen Trees Before Next Nor'easter

ANDOVER (CBS) - Like most cities and towns that have been ravaged by the last two storms, Andover is busy trying to clean up before Tuesday's snowfall. They have to clear fallen trees and limbs away from the side of the road so plows can do their job.

Their DPW crews are straight out so they rented a machine that is so rare, only two of them exist in North and South America, according to its owner.

Tree machine
Sennebogen machine clears trees in Andover (WBZ-TV)

Mayer Tree from Ipswich bought the machine from Switzerland for a half million dollars. It can take down an entire tree in ten seconds.

Called a Sennebogen 718E, the machine has a claw that can crush trees and a saw that can cut them.

Dan Mayer from Mayer Tree says it can process a tree 10 times faster than a normal crew.

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