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Travel Ban In South Shore Towns As Nor'easter Floods Roads

MARSHFIELD (CBS) - A travel ban went into effect in Marshfield, Duxbury and Scituate late Friday.

The Scituate police chief gave WBZ-TV a tour of the damage they are already seeing. "This is not a storm to mess around with," said Chief Mike Stewart.

Chief Stewart took us where only emergency vehicles are allowed. "Four feet deep at the deepest," said Stewart as he pointed to a flooded road.

It's a ghost town along the coastline where the seawall buffers homes from the ocean.

Chief Mike Stewart.
Scituate Police Chief Mike Stewart (WBZ-TV)

"There's decent damage to the decks on the other side," said Stewart referencing the homes directly by the seawall.

The first tide during this storm eroded away part of the road. At least a foot of soft sand or large rocks make driving impossible. One-hundred and eighty homes evacuated and so far there have been no emergency calls for rescues or injuries.

Shawn Duffy was one of the few who stayed and had his generator running. He admitted he was afraid of the next high tide. "Powers up; just hope and pray for the best," said resident Shawn Duffy.

The wind has taken a toll on the entire town. "I hope no one gets hurt," said one driver.

Tree scituate
Tree down in Scituate after nor'easter (WBZ-TV)

Trees and power lines were down everywhere blocking many roads.

A tree fell on one driver. Fortunately, he is OK. At 6:30 in the evening 100% of Scituate was in the dark.

As the chief prepared to patrol throughout the night, the anticipated record breaking tide close to midnight was on his mind.

"You are not going to stop anything that tide wants to do," said Stewart.

The chief anticipates the tide will cause flooding two to three feet higher than earlier in the day.

Power crews are on stand-by but they can't start working until the winds are less than 35 miles per hour.

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