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Travel Agent Reports 300% Increase In Bookings For 2021

BOSTON (CBS) - If you walk into any terminal at Logan Airport these days, it looks like a ghost town, but there seems to be a reawakening of sorts. Just ask any travel agent.

"In the last three months, we've seen a 300% increase in bookings," said Alex Shattuck of Audley Travel. "That gives us real confidence."

COVID-19 has driven most people inside for the last year, but with more people getting vaccinated, it seems the first thing they want to do is get away.

"A lot of people that are either ready to go now, again safely and responsibly," said Kristin Chambers of Travel Luster. "Or really start planning for the second half of 2021."

People like James Frederick just want to see their kids. "I'm going to see my daughter in London, and then I'm going to see my son and grandchild in LA," Frederick said.

Soon-to-be travelers have not forgotten about COVID and it shows in their destination picks. "Where can I go safely? So destinations that have handled the vaccine real well," Shattuck said.

Because some countries are still in lockdown, domestic travel is seeing the bulk of interest.

"They're concerned in some cases about their ability to come back to the country, that of course is due to the CDC's requirement of a negative COVID test," said Bruce Berger of Cleveland Circle Travel. "So we are seeing a bit more domestic than we might this time of year."

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