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Transgender Teen Voted Prom Queen At Middleboro High


MIDDLEBORO (CBS) - Cody Tubman had a dream prom night, the perfect dress and then the crown to go with it.

Cody was voted prom queen of Middleboro High School.

"I was all smiles," Cody says laughing. "We were standing there and they announced I was prom queen. So I was like 'oh yay, so exciting,' But it was kind of surprising."

It was surprising because Cody is transgender.

She was born a boy but she started dressing as a girl when she was a freshman in high school. She says she feels more confident and comfortable in her body.

The other students, most of whom had known Cody since elementary school were by and large accepting. Cody says her teachers were also supportive.

Of course being different does present challenges, even at a school as tolerant as Middleboro.

"You're always going to have people that don't understand you and if you're different it's going to be hard," Cody says.

Being voted prom queen was validation that other students like Cody for who she is. (Continued...)

"It was kind of like a realization that people are accepting and it doesn't really matter to them. So it was a good feeling," Cody says.

Cody graduates Saturday and will head to college in New York City where she will study performing arts.

Cody's family is proud of her accomplishment, especially Cody's little sister Caylin.

"I've learned not to care what people think of me. Just because they want to judge me doesn't mean that they can bring me down," the 7th grader said.

It is a message Cody hopes gets to other transgender teens.

"I want people to understand that you might be in a bad situation, but there's going to be a point where you can look how you want and express yourself."

And Cody is proof that being yourself might even win you the crown.

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