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Latest Trailer For Tom Brady's Docuseries Might Legitimately Fire Up Patriots Fans

BOSTON (CBS) -- These days, there's a bit of a Tom Brady overload. Seemingly every day, there are 3,000 new stories about the man. That can be a lot for anyone, but it can also be a bit extra taxing for Patriots fans who still don't love the fact that Brady's moved on to find even more success with the Buccaneers.

But this time, Brady is giving a little something to Patriots fans.

Brady shared a teaser trailer for his upcoming docuseries, "Man In The Arena," this time actually announcing an air date of Nov. 16. In addition to announcing that air date, the trailer served to very quickly try to get into the mindset of the greatest winner in football history.

It's pretty great.

Some quotes:

Tom Brady: "We outworked you. And then when the chance came, we outwilled you."

Rodney Harrison: "Ain't nothin' like having Tom Brady!"

Wes Welker: "He had one goal in mind -- he wanted to win Super Bowls."

Mike Vrabel: "We would go at each other with 2x4's."

Randy Moss: "They set me beside Tom Brady's locker. I want to know what he knows."

Tedy Bruschi: "The expectation was to win every game."

Rob Gronkowski: "I just had that mindset right from the beginning."

Complete with some of the most fiery clips from Brady's Patriots career, the short video is sure to give some tinglies to Patriots fans who are feeling a bit removed from the glory days.

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