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Toucher & Rich's 98 Mile Rap Battle Recap

What started as Toucher & Rich watching some videos of a freestyling competition turned into an epic battle for radio domination.

T&R begged to ask the question: Which 98.5 The Sports Hub host would be able to serve it up the best in a rap battle?

And so, the 98 Mile Rap Battle was born.

In each matchup, the guys did their best to slam the other. But when only two were left standing, we changed things up a bit.

With D.A. and Tony Massarotti battling it out for all the marbles, instead of the two busting rhymes about each other, they ripped on The Sports Hub's competition in town.

And they weren't alone; they got to put together their own super group, NWA-style.

In the end, it was D.A. standing above everyone else as the champion.

Here are all the raps in one place for your listening pleasure. Thanks to everyone for voting!

The Finals

Tony Massarotti vs Damon Amendolara

Tony Massarotti's Rap

Damon Amendolara's Rap

The Semi-Finals

Fred vs Damon Amendolara

Fred's Rap

Damon Amendolara's Rap (Winner)

Michael Michael Felger vs Tony Massarotti

Micheal Felger's Rap

Tony Massarotti's Rap (Winner)

Round 1

Damon Amendolara vs Jimmy Stewart

Damon Amendolara's Rap (Winner)

Jimmy Stewart's Rap

Scott Zolak vs Fred

Scott Zolak's Rap

Fred's Rap (Winner)

Andy Gresh vs Michael Felger

Andy Gresh's Rap

Michael Felger's Rap (Winner)

Adolfo vs Tony Massarotti

Adolfo's Rap

Tony Massarotti's Rap (Winner)

Jon Wallach vs Rich

Jon Wallach's Rap

Rich's Rap (Winner, but won by the lowest percentage so was disqualified)

Not to be forgotten, WBZ-TV's Dan Roche tried his hand at the rap game. Listen to that here, as Rochie takes some shots at his fellow baseball reporters!

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