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Toucher & Rich: Would Celtics Use Top 5 Draft Pick Or Package It In A Deal?

BOSTON (CBS) - As currently constituted the 16-33 Boston Celtics are on pace for a top five pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, thought to be the best in many years.

Joel Embiid, Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Julius Randle and Dante Exum are amateur players you've probably heard of by now; they are all projected by scouts and analysts to be very good, if not great NBA players.

What would the Celtics be more inclined to do: Draft, keep and actually develop one of these guys? Or package the pick/player in a deal?

Given Danny Ainge's affinity for thinking outside the box and making big moves, that's almost impossible to predict.

Robb: Losing Is No Fun, But Ainge's Master Plan Working To Perfection

We do know that Danny Ainge loves his (trade) chips, which is why CSNNE television announcer Mike Gorman told Toucher and Rich Tuesday morning that Danny Ainge would be a great poker player.

"I think Danny does what he did 7 or 8 years ago. Danny loves to have chips, that's why he keeps piling up these draft choices and second round draft choices. He would love to get somebody [in the draft] that he thinks right now would be good, but if they don't work out he can trade down the line - Al Jefferson being a great example of that."

"He drafted Al Jefferson with the idea that he could be a very good long term player for the Celtics, and also with the idea that somebody will want him two or three years into his development, which Minnesota did, which brought Kevin Garnett and duckboats."

"Danny has always drafted chips, whether or not they're chips to stay in his hand forever, chips he plays six months later, or a year later or two years later. Danny is just looking to win."

Celtics @ 7: Rondo Eyeing Free Agency In 2015?

Rajon Rondo has one year remaining on a very affordable contract that will pay him nearly $13 million in 2014-15, and the All Star point guard is reportedly eyeing free agency where he hopes to cash in.

He's expressed his desire to remain a Celtic, but Toucher and Rich can't help but wonder if this will somehow force Danny's hand, forcing him to rebuild faster to placate Rondo and win here and now.

Gorman says not to worry about that.

"I don't think Danny will be deterred from his plan," the broadcaster said. "I don't think Rondo has the clout to be honest with you to put that kind of pressure on Danny."

Listen below for the full discussion:

What Would C's Do With Top 5 Pick?


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