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Toucher & Rich: The Wallach Head Joins The Sox Giveaway

On Thursday, the Red Sox sent out people with giant cutouts of player heads to get fans hyped up for opening day and give out some great Sox prizes.

Toucher & Rich decided that these giant player heads were very similar to the Giant Wallach Head -- which they've sent out to numerous events like Truck Day. It sounds like the Sox ripped T&R off a bit, but what are they going to do?

Get mad? No. Toucher & Rich decided to take this opportunity and join in on the fun.

They sent Adolfo out to give away some great prizes with the Wallach Head. Adolfo started things off by asking the "lucky" Red Sox fans to identify who the head was, but no one was close. Not wanting to leave the fans empty handed, Adolfo asked some simple Red Sox trivia question in order to give away great prizes from the bottom of the 98.5 The Sports Hub prizes closet.

People were expecting some Opening Day tickets, but were less than impressed with what Adolfo had to offer!

Toucher & Rich: The Wallach Head Joins The Sox Giveaway

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